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The best guide to yoga practice, calm your mind and improve your spirit, with health benefits, try yoga poses for flexibility, relaxation and strength

Do you want to explore the hidden benefits of Yoga? 
Do you want to strengthen your body by doing Yoga? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then this is the perfect, educational and informational book for you!

Hello! Welcome to this guide to Yoga for Beginners.

Yoga is incredibly for increasing your range of motion, building strength in the entire body and decreasing common aches and pains, but without proper alignment and direction we may find that we are actually aggravating our pain rather than healing it. This book is designed to teach you a routine that you can follow throughout your life to maintain your body and rid it of toxins and extra weight. 

This book offers everything you need to start enjoying yoga’s calming and strengthening effects on your life. 

This book is also well written, well edited, well-structured and easy to use. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced you will be like a pro once you read this book. In this book, you will learn different yoga poses targeted for those who are new to yoga and have limited flexibility. 

Step by step instruction will give you confidence in your alignment and greatly enhance your knowledge of what modern day yoga poses have to offer.

You will find in this book:

What is yoga?
Pre-yoga orientation and preparation 
Basic yoga poses for flexibility 
Basic yoga poses for strength 
Basic yoga poses for relaxation 
Basic yoga routines for mind and spirit 
Yoga diet for health benefits 
Frequently asked questions 
Much much more!

This book is different from others because in this book:

You will learn how to maintain a calm mind and healthy body 
You will learn how to be more flexibility and stronger 
You will learn about various yoga poses targeted for beginner level 

Interested? Then scroll up, click on "Buy Now", and get your copy now!

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