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Comprehensive coverage with up-to-date official documents on the response to a terrorist attack with a "dirty bomb" - also called a radiological dispersion device (RDD) or improvised nuclear device - is provided in this authoritative compilation. It covers everything from practical advice for individuals exposed to a dirty bomb incident to detailed scientific and technical information for medical and health care responders. There are complete explanations of radiation dosage and risk, instructions for all persons involved in a radiological or nuclear incident, acute radiation syndrome (ARS) symptoms and treatment, the official RDD playbook, radiation response zones, radionuclides, sheltering in place, evacuation, risk to medical responders, personal protective equipment, medical countermeasures, preparedness activities for a nuclear detonation, radiological protection for first responders and first contact medical personnel, thorough references, and much more.

It includes an updated document from the Department of Homeland Security's Working Group on Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Preparedness. It was developed to provide concise guidance to health care workers and first responders on the management of persons exposed to or suffering the effect of ionizing radiation as the result of the accidental or deliberate release of radioactive materials. This product was developed in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services, with the assistance of national experts in the medical management of radiation accidents.

Contents include: Handling Patients, Important Points for the First Responder and Health Care Worker, Dose and Relative Hazard, Radiological Protection for Medical Personnel, Respiratory Protection, Skin Protection, Handling of Bodies, Radiation Dosimetry, Evacuation, Sheltering, and Other Public Health Measures to Reduce/Avert Radiation Dose, Guidance for Occupational Exposure in Emergencies, Recommended Values of Averted Dose for Sheltering, Recommended Activities (Bg/Kg) Regarding Restriction of Foodstuffs, Scope of Population Sheltered/Evacuated, Immediate Medical Management, Dermal Manifestations of Radiation Dose, Acute Radiation Syndrome (Whole-Body or Extensive Partial-Body), Patient Decontamination, Decontamination Techniques, Recommended Cleaning Solutions, Internal Decontamination Treatment, Patient Radiological Assessment, Rapid Dosimetry, Biodosimetry Assessment Tool, Evaluation of Neutron Exposure, Internal Contamination, Guidelines on Dealing With Deceased Persons Following Radiological Terrorism, Psychological and Behavioral Consequence Management After Rdd/Ind Events, Healthcare Providers and Mental Health Care after a Radiation Event, Medical Countermeasures, and more.

This is a privately authored news service and educational publication of Progressive Management. Our publications synthesize official government information with original material - they are not produced by the federal government. They are designed to provide a convenient user-friendly reference work to uniformly present authoritative knowledge that can be rapidly read, reviewed or searched. Vast archives of important data that might otherwise remain inaccessible are available for instant review no matter where you are. This e-book format makes a great reference work and educational tool. There is no other reference book that is as convenient, comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and portable - everything you need to know, from renowned experts you trust. For over a quarter of a century, our news, educational, technical, scientific, and medical publications have made unique and valuable references accessible to all people. Our e-books put knowledge at your fingertips, and an expert in your pocket!

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