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Rev2A - Brief list of 34 government patents are provided on inventions achieving some form of mind control. This list is just an introduction – there are many more inventions that are referenced from this initial list, and that can be found on google patent search, or on the US Patent Office (USPO) website. What is not covered in this list, are thousands of patents that have been issued, but were hidden for “national security” issues. The Federation of Scientists has a recent tally of more than 5,135 patents that are subject to a secrecy order in the United States. Some of the patents on this list were issued under the CIA's MK-Ultra project. This secret program performed grisly electroshock and torture methods on hundreds of unsuspecting CIA victims from the 1950's to 1970's. A lawsuit was filed in Canada representing some of the victims, and the CIA admitted the program's existence. One victim of Dr Ewen Cameron's grisly treatment was deliberately overdosed with insulin and placed into a coma for 21 days, where they severely electroshocked him many times – erasing his conscious memory. He didn't know his name, his family, or anything about himself. Then repetitive messages were used, over hundreds of hours, to “reprogram” his personality. Dr Cameron even bragged that he could turn an ordinary person into a vicious serial killer, using these methods. This is the Manchurian Candidate method that was described in the book of the same title. There is evidence that this CIA program continues today, under a different name, in spite of Congressional orders to shut it down. The CIA continues to fund research and pursue political targets using mind control. One possible recent example, is when Russian leader Putin, recently dismissed 18 senior military generals – this may have occurred because these Generals had been compromised by subliminal targeting. This is a new technology that targets people while sleeping and employs specific frequencies (carrier frequency approx. 3900 MHz) and techniques using geostationary satellites. When these satellites were designed in the 1980's, only the US military had a signal analyzer that could reach to 3900 MHz - which made it very difficult to detect. Now, many commercial analyzers can detect this signal, and countermeasures can be developed. A number of recent government whistleblowers have described this new technology, and its ability to elicit specific statements and responses from targeted persons. Although it cannot be called complete mind control, these subliminal messaging systems apparently have the ability to elicit specific statements from someone, without physically touching them, and this is a disturbing development. This material is relevant to Targeted Individuals. Four symptoms of subliminal mind control, which generally takes weeks to months to alter a personality; (1) sleeping more than 12 hours per day - messaging is done while napping or asleep, (2). Development of a split personality, (3) Statements and beliefs that are clearly out of character for the person. (4) Arguementative behavior. Again, the best subliminal protection is repeating the phrase, "I will only react to constructive suggestions."

Revision 2A – added material from Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D., Presentation submitted to the Senate Hearing on “The State of Civil and Human Rights in the United States,” Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - which provides specific research on Subliminal Mind Control.

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