A Leap of Fate: The Raulden Gambit

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A Leap of Fate is a story that will take you from the far-flung planets of Caron and Rauld, to Earth and back, intertwining the inhabitants of the different worlds in miraculous fashion. The characters of these three planets meet only by fate, but then must join forces in a battle against an omnipresent foe of horrific evil…the Kreete.

Half of the lead character is Kaskle Dangarth from the planet Caron. His home is a world in the developmental era when swords and bows ruled the armament and travel was by wagon, ship, animal, or foot. This planet has been overrun by a powerful alien culture known as the Kreete, which rules with brutal, merciless supremacy and demands payments from Kaskle’s civilization in the form of slavery and pleasure, gladiator type conflicts and total submission. Kaskle is a rogue mercenary once in the service of the evil planet lords but has since escaped and pledged to scour the surface of his world clean from the plight of those beings.

The other half of the lead character is from Earth. Ron Allison is a run-of-the-mill guy with a normal job, a newlywed wife, and all the regular plans and worries that go with that. He is accidentally plucked from his ordinary life and whisked across the galaxy by a society of pacifist technological geniuses who find themselves in direct threat from the evil empire of ruthless beings…the Kreete Triad. Their plan for survival forces an impossibly chance combination of the body of Kaskle with that of Ron. Ron maintains his mental individuality after the fusion with Kaskle, due to the untimely death of the fierce warrior, and must quickly come to grips with what has happened to him in order to survive. He must surmount his doubts and fears, and use his newly acquired gifts to their limits so he might return to his own planet and the peaceful existence he once had.

Ron teams up with the heroine of the story, Cache Kuar, one of the techno-wizards from the planet Rauld. She is also a formidable individual in her own right and is the person who caused both Kaskle and Ron to be recruited into the intergalactic struggle for planetary dominance. Initially she is out to protect her home planet from impending doom, but fervently intends to help liberate any others that might need her assistance. As proof of her commitment she offers them her people’s incredible advancements, as well as protection in the form of a superior fighter spacecraft which she has developed. It is the only known weapon that might stand up to those of the Kreete. All she needs is a worthy pilot! Cache helps Ron learn about his new abilities, trains him in the use of those gifts, and schools him in the history of Rauld and the villainous Kreete. Together they embark on a perilous mission that is fraught with tension and suspense as they fight both the enemy that threatens to destroy them and their own attraction to each other.

The final battle high above the planet of Rauld is a blow-by-blow, pulse pounding blast…and the ending will make your jaw drop.

Sci-fi och fantasy
26 januari
G.L. Fontenot

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