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A New Earth: by Eckhart Tolle | Summary & Analysis

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So far, A New Earth is the most impressive work done by Tolle. This author went viral after the release of a spiritual guidebook, The Power of Now, which inspired millions of people. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose has an extensive, deeply elaborated knowledge that her first book tried to explain. Tolle explains vividly, the impacts of our ego-based state of consciousness to our happiness. Moreover, how we can regulate it to bring peace in the whole world. 

A New Earth is both informative and inspirational. Readers not only understand how to restore and maintain happiness in their lives, but also understand how to nurture friendship and peaceful coexistence with others. The book is giving a vital message to every reader that they should discover themselves. They must control their ego and the feeling of self-importance in order to achieve greater success in life. 

Once you start reading this book, you will never put it down. All the illustrations and explanations are given in a clear way, and in the most interesting manner. In A New Earth, Tolle sourced different inspirational words and consolidated them together to form a very interesting traditional narrative. This book offers philosophies and anecdotes in a manner that is acceptable and accessible to all. You can purchase this book from Amazon bookstore to get yourself inspired! 

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Please note: This is a detailed summary and analysis of the book and not the original book.

27 september
Elite Summaries

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