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Anya is the Queen of Elves,she is commanding and strong. She wants someone to play with. Atticus, her consort and inner guard gives her what she needs. Including a new slave who wants her just as much as she wants him. A human, Brennan. She will break him and take him to new heights of pleasure mixed with pain. He will submit to her, just as she has submitted to Atticus.
Warning: This is intended for adult audiences only. The BDSM Short Story Contains 5,000 words of Consent and tantalizing Masochistic and Sadistic play. It also contains delicious scenes of orgasmic pleasure and consensual BDSM.

Read an Excerpt:
"Tell me of your capture, human."
The man slowly rose to his feet, no easy task when you do not have use of your arms. He was a tall man, his neck thicker than her thigh. She had heard humans could be big like this, thick and tall. The difference between the stature of the humans and the elves was obvious, Elves were smaller, much more petite. While humans were strong, could not bear the wait that humans could. They were also slower and in this particular case were on match for the swiftness of the elves.
He did not speak for several moments. His eyes were stoic and glassy. He wanted it made clear that he was not going to submit so willingly to her majesty. That was fine, she liked taking some time to break in the stubborn.
"We were overtaken by your forces just before we planned to take Avanyias, the elven town on the outskirts. It was in retribution for the capture of Human Officers. We were to take the town and kill all the men, capture the children and women. Burn it to the ground. A message from his majesty the King. We are above your jurisdiction." His voice boomed out so that the whole of the court could hear him, confident in his explanation. When finished he resumed his stance stoic and rigid his arms hanging at his sides in chains.
Anya liked what she saw. He was honest, intelligent and had the kind of build she liked. Atticus must have picked him out especially for her. He knew what she liked to have as pets. The thought of him in a collar, one of her throng made her yoni drip in anticipation. She squirmed there, on her throne, trying not to draw attention to her need. She glanced up at Atticus who was smirking at her, knowing her reaction. What a naughty man.
"You speak true. Except that we did not capture innocent men. They were war criminals, charged with pillaging and raping as they entered our territory covertly. We asked permission to retrieve them and when it was not given, we had no choice but to go in and take what was ours." She was patient as she explained this to the human. She didn't need to, and she knew that. But she also wanted him to now that she was fair.
"For your crimes, I am to decide your punishment. Rather than die, I would have you be my slave. You will serve as an example to all humans that I am fair, but that if you come against me, your life will not be your own. Death may be your wish, but I refuse to grant such a request."
"Guards take him away," With that Anya flicked her wrist and bade him to go and be cleaned and dressed.
Atticus bowed before her and she called him to her.
"My dear, make sure that he is dressed in something that suits my tastes and is delivered promptly to my personal playroom. Chain him if you must. Oh, and be sure to include a collar." Her eyes glowed at the thought.
Atticus grinned widely now looking into her eyes a moment before lowering them, "As you wish, Mistress."

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Veronica Hardy

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