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Emma is a captivating young woman but struggles daily to overcome a childhood defined by horrific abuse. Her torturer was a deranged father who stood in front of his congregation weekly, portraying himself as a Godly man, filled with righteousness and morality. He haunts her days and nights, coming to her with threats and violence even after his death many years ago.

As a child, her true savior was an extroverted illusion she named Skipper, due to his manner of movement. Unable to cope with sadistic punishments, immediately he was summoned, leading her into places of solace, free of pain and suffering. Skipper was the key to safeguarding sanity when her fragmented psyche needed to escape her father. Emma's protector's appearance was always preceded by the presentation of a single yellow rose.

A tragic event, witnessing her husband's murder, thrust Emma over the edge, transporting the charismatic beauty into a past life where she joined strangers to exist in the 19th century. Without memory, she made her way through controversial lifestyles, learning to love again and teaching new friends the gift of acceptance.

Through her adventures, we meet Dr. Jacob Armstrong, a handsome Southern aristocrat. He is a man of integrity, clashing with neighbors and family due to his refusal to obey the law of the land and his hatred of slavery, approved by his ancestors.

Effie and William, his friends and partners, learn to love Emma, tolerating her quirks and weird ideas. They wait patiently for the day they might reunite with their only child.

Emma is pleasured throughout her journey with the addition of friends. Naomi, with her spaced teeth and slang language, is a rescued slave waiting for her final journey. She befriends the frisky redhead, each teaching the other valuable life lessons.

Episodes of romantic foreplay with Jacob, teasing and frolicking with William, witnessing agonizing recreations of 19th century traditions and battling enemies to protect loved ones, all come together to finalize Emma's attempt to live as a whole.

Gage, Jacob's half-brother, born from a slave and their shared father, is invaluable in the plantation's efforts to transport their rescues to freedom. Through scheming and luck, Emma joins the committed troop in their wildest venture to successfully rid the community of its most vindictive citizen, and deliver to her close allies their long lost daughter.

Through action, suspense and violence, Emma's split psyche leads her to the one reason Skipper delivered her to this particular location. Her husband's murderer resided in Sweet Water County during his past life. Did she plot to kill him realizing all his future devilish deeds would be avoided? Does she have the fortitude to destroy the image of her own father?

Existing in a two dimension world is complicated. In the end, does Emma's psychosis choose to remain the sanctity of the past, releasing her torment or return to her husband, Peyton, with a renewed hope for happiness.

With her goals accomplished, as she sat and waited for her subconscious and Skipper to guide her into a final conclusion, Peyton stands by her side. She breathes in the sweet seductions of a single yellow rose.

Keywords: Adventure, Romance, Historical, Witty, Tragic, Complex, Emotional, Compelling, Drama, Fantasy, Childhood, Abuse, Psychosis

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