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She's planning an escape. He's planning his future. But their destiny rests in the hands of schemers.

What is a lady to do when your mother shares with one and all that you have lost your last chance for marriage and when the one man you wish to marry sees you only as a friend? If you are Mary Bennet, you plan to escape to London and begin a new life while attempting to forget the man you left behind.

What is a gentleman to do when your father retires to Bath, leaving you his estate as well as his debts along with new bills and the care of a devil-may-care brother? If you are a cautious and calculating businessman like Nicholas Hammond, you double down your efforts to make your estate solvent and tuck away your hopes of marrying until the finances are well and truly able to withstand the added expenses of a wife and family.

And what is the sister or brother of such a gentleman or lady to do if you wish to see your sibling happy?  If you are Jane or Elizabeth Bennet, you attempt to arrange chance meetings, but if you are Alfred Hammond, you look to your conniving friend, Whit, for help and stage a scheme that will either destroy all hopes of happiness or result in a Very Mary Christmas.

A Very Mary Christmas is the sequel to Waking to Mr. Darcy and part of Leenie Brown's Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection of Pride and Prejudice inspired novellas. If you like romance that is helped along by the scheming of well-meaning, though sometimes inept, friends and family, then you will love this story about a manufactured Christmas miracle and the discovery that true happiness is sometimes found close to home. 

So, pour a cup of tea, grab your copy of A Very Mary Christmas, and escape into a world of sweet romantic indulgence today.

20 december
Leenie B Books

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