A Wife's Fall No.2

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Betty seeks to redeem herself for her folly in listening to her sister's advice. Praying that her husband will see it in himself to work past the hurt she has caused when Wayne had arrived home to find her in that position. Although, that wasn't all, Detective Holly seeks to wedge herself in-between Wayne and Betty. How will Betty cope with another woman trying to woo her husband? What of Sean and Dean?

I knew I’d be sitting at this table. I accepted that the moment I put this into motion. However, I knew I covered my tracks before they drew their last breaths, so I wasn’t worried. Although, the sight of the Captain of the division I work in entering did pique my interest.

“Good morning Mr. Carter. I’m Detective Sanders with IAB,” he said, introducing himself as he walked into the room and nodded to the Captain.

“Want to tell me why someone from IAB wants to speak with me? Sir, should I have a lawyer present for this?” I asked, looking at my boss.

“They’re simple questions, Wayne, nothing to be worried about,” the Captain said; I knew he was there to oversee this interrogation.

“Mr. Carter, do you know who these two men are?”

“Yes,” I answered as he slid their pictures towards me.

“Who are they, Mr. Carter?”

“The men I found fucking my wife,” I stated, pushing the pictures back towards him. “What of it?”

“Did you or did you not, at gun point, march your wife, Sean Douglas, and Dean Shepherd nude down the street to your sister-in-law’s six blocks away?” I stared into the eyes of the man across from me; I could see the job was it to him.


“At any point in time did you threaten, assault, them in any way?”

“No, the moment they stepped on Celine’s property, I turned and went back home; after that, I never saw them again,” I said truthfully.

“And did you speak to a Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Shepherd at any time during that day?”

“Yes, a little after I got home. I was in the middle of tossing my wife’s things into the guest bedroom when their phones went off in the pants they left behind. So I answered it, told them who I am, why I would have their husband’s phones, and where to find their cheating husband’s in the nude.”

“And what happened to their belongings, Mr. Carter?”

“Gathered up their shit, tossing it in the car they had arrived in and took a piss in the back seat all over it and the car, then I tossed the key on the front seat, locked the doors, called Robert down at the tow yard we use and had it towed to their impound lot,” I stated factually. I could see the amusement in his eyes.

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