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If you are looking for an explosive book by some kind of nerd, delving into abstract symbols, or a spiritual pundit floating in a metaphysical haze, then this book is not meant for you.

This is simply an extraordinary book by an ordinary woman who has enjoyed and suffered the dual, roller-coaster life of her daily grind.

She now offers us her life experiences with a unique pair of lenses to see a different world orbiting in a parallel universe. This universe of sat-chit-anand (truth-consciousness-joy/bliss) or oneness has been revealed time and again by the masters and gurus who have escaped the snares of Maya or world as illusion. The author however, reminds us that the dual world where we are all born has sticky glue as its mysterious matrix. This matrix blinds us with our complex desires and tendencies which has taken us with our automated robotic mind bodies onto a push button escalator which has gone out of control.

This hypnotic maya which emasculates our very thinking and distorts our brains makes us believe that what is not IS! Grappling with and perceiving what IS itself involves a jump in consciousness to a higher vantage point which is no easy feat.

Self transformation which is the essence of this book is a break through to a new dimension. In this new approach we cannot have one set of ideas fighting with another set for supremacy because all of it constitutes conditioning and more conditioning. The real, however is hidden in our bodymind-layers and it will reveal its hidden splendour only when we break away from our robotic selves or egos.

On the other hand if you are firmly ensconced in the invisible and hypnotic nets of samsara or maya then don't bother with the new horizons, which welcomes you as the land of light and love. Drop the book where you found it since self transformation is no cake walk!

– MervynSookun
Lecturer and Consultant, London

Religion och andlighet
25 februari
Shakuntala Hawoldar

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