Aaron Tiny and the Great Snake Invasion

The Tinies

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"I'm bored," thought Aaron Tiny as he sat behind a wall. He was staring through a tiny nail hole in the wall watching Peter Martin, the big boy in the next room playing video games. "I could do better than he's doing," Aaron sighed.
At that moment, Aaron heard the boy's mother calling him. "Peter, are you ready to go to Aunt Martha's with me?"
"Ready, or willing?" muttered Peter under his breath. When his mother appeared in the doorway, Peter finally turned off the video game and headed out. A moment later Aaron heard the front door close behind them.
He waited several minutes, just to be sure they weren't coming back for something they had forgotten, then he quickly hurried down the hallway that had been built into the walls of the big people’s house.
Now was his chance. Aaron had discovered a mouse hole that led into Peter’s bedroom only the week before. It had taken a little exploring, but finally he figured out a way to get down to the mouse hole and back up. He had needed a rope to climb on, but just that week the big family had thrown away an old lamp, and the cord was perfect for the task.

Find out what happens when Aaron sneaks into Peter’s room to play a video game and finds himself in the middle of an earthquake!

The Tinys are a family of very small people that live inside the walls of a big person’s apartment. In many ways Tinys are like littles, but they don’t have tails like littles do.
There are four children in the Tiny family. Gabrielle (or Brie as she is better known) is the oldest. Then comes Aaron, the only boy. After Aaron are the twins, Danielle and Rachelle. They all live with their mother and father.
Living nearby are their grandmother and their Aunti Karen, who they spend a lot of time with.
The Tinys all live in the walls of an apartment that belongs to the Martin family. In the Martin Family there are the parents, June and Jerry, and their only child, Peter. They also have three cats!
As you may know, cats love to chase things that are smaller than they are, and tinys are just the right size for a cat to chase. The cats will pounce on the tinys and bat them around. They may not mean to hurt the tinys, but they do. That’s why tinys don’t like cats.
The Tinys work hard at making things work. They like to recycle things that the big people throw away. They also like parties, and good times, and spending time together.
In many ways, Tinys are just like you and me, only smaller.

Read about the adventures of the Tinies in this series.

Ages 7 to 12.
Chapter book

Sci-fi och fantasy
25 november

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