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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

Ternion of Intimacy

When Lacey Stern is banished to a maximum security intergalactic prison, the lovers in her life, Prince Korun and Blaen of Ubos, will have their loyalties tested. Who will they fight for…the crown or their happiness?

Alien Prince's Son

A lost princess or a lost cause? Melody Harp is taken by a handsome blue-skinned prince who claims she is the key to his planet's liberation.

In the city that never sleeps, Melody Harp has found her boring life to be unfulfilling. Her career is relatively normal, working for a successful graphic design company that only seems to pass the time. But she's distracted. A reoccurring dream of flashing lights and humming discs remains in the back of her mind until she finally encounters the source: an alien prince from a distant planet.

The blue-skinned prince named Tezod Moss appears to her suddenly during a night out and insists she is a princess of the planet Efloe. Their connection is instantaneous and Melody falls for him immediately, the puzzle of her dream finally coming together with a passionate kiss. But the planet is in disarray. The Eflorian people have only one hope—and that hope is her. Could she really be the lost princess or has her dream seeped into her reality?

Two Alien Lovers

Polina Marsh has been stuck in a dead end job as a Junior Ambassador for the Intergalactic Alliance for over a decade. She's all but given up on adventure and excitement, when an alien diplomat from an embargoed planet begs her for a secret rendezvous. She knows that she should say no, but Polina isn't one to turn down a mysterious meeting, especially one with a shockingly attractive alien ambassador and his rough around the edges pilot.

Things don't go according to plan and Polina finds herself stranded with the two aliens on a distant, forgotten moon. As the true nature of the mission is revealed, Polina finds herself torn between the diplomat and his pilot. Polina needs to follow her heart, which is hard to do when the future of the galaxy could be at stake.


Eliana Russet lives an ordinary life with an ordinary job and an ordinary best friend. But her whole world is twisted upside down when she finds out that she's pregnant…which is virtually impossible considering she's been celibate for the last six months. Zander Olgarian, an impossibly attractive man, reveals himself as the father of her child and Eliana's world comes crashing down.

Not only is Zander her child's father, but he is also an alien prince, sent down to Earth to create his heir. Eliana has to fight through secret government groups trying to hunt her, loud-mouthed best friends, and hot-headed women on her quest to protect her child and figure out exactly what she's gotten herself into.

With every new turn, she doesn't know who to trust. She's becoming lost in a world unknown to her and she's struggling to keep a hold on her sanity. But she's a fighter, and she'll be damned if she lets anyone hurt her baby.

24 september
Anna Lewis

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