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Utgivarens beskrivning

To be honest, I didnt think that Id have my life-changing experience begin at the dentists. No sane person would think that. So often, books and movies start out when the main character is at a nightclub or a party or on the streets of New York. But not me. I was thrown into a world of chaos and rivalry when I had my cheek numb and saliva dripping down my chinnot exactly a Lara Croft level of sexy heroine.

This was how it began...

After about five minute of drilling, he seemed to hit a sore spot or a nerve, because I yelped in pain, my eyes snapping open. The second I made eye contact with the dentist, something strange happened. His pupils narrowed into slits, and his irises went from brown to vibrant yellow-green. Unknown to me, my eyes flashed pinky-purple in return. The dentist stopped drilling and pulled back. He whipped his head up to look at the hygienist. You didnt tell me!

It wasnt in the file! she screeched and then twisted her head to get a better look at me as I attempted to squirm into a better position. Then she flicked her tongue out at meher forked tongue. I guess were just lucky, she cooed licking her lips.

What the hell? I asked, my tone shocked and confused but the words coming out of my mouth as Wha ta hau? This chick was looking at me like dinner, not to mention the freaky body change she had going on.

My name is Lucia Shay. Welcome to my new life.

Sci-fi och fantasy
9 februari
Balboa Press