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This is a long awaited book. It always seemed that it was Kevin's task to write it. He
was the mouth piece for the Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Master Djwhal
Khul. Kevin left the incarnation in June 2009 without starting. The words you are
now holding in your hand are a gift from Spirit; from Kevin, Metatron and Djwhal
Khul. In this book there are not just words but through it flows healing and
inspiration. It includes channellings, meditations, mini processes and an
Archangelic Horoscopes. Some of the ideas may be new and challenging. It is my
prayer that it informs, inspires and above all revolutionise the way Healing, Health
and The Angelic Kingdom are viewed.
Christine Core

Angelic Reiki is the pure joy of working hand in hand with the
Angelic Kingdom of light.

Angels have guided you to this place.
They are around you now
inviting you to be their servant on earth.
Angelic Reiki is the pure joy of working intimately
with the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

A loving tribute to her husband Kevin and his work, the book he was unable to
write. Christine Core presents the birth, growth and purpose of Angelic Reiki with
beautiful clarity, proving it to be a unique and sacred gift to humanity. This book is
packed full of profound spiritual truths and gives the reader uncompromising
insights into our journey on the spiritual path. A must read for all those wishing to
deepen their connection to the angelic realms.
Claire, Paradigm Shift Magazine

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