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Discover the Amazing Features, Tips and Tricks of Apple Watch Series 6 in this Book!

The new Apple Watch series 6 is an improvement on the previous Apple Watch versions. While you might assume that you don't need the Apple Watch series 6, some added features like blood oxygen monitoring, brighter display, faster chip and more are major reasons you would want to give it a second thought.

The newest Apple Watch innovation can only be used with an iPhone, and while it offers an 'Always-on' display which helps to fix the Apple Watch from the top, it is always very hard to track.

Apple watch series 6 is slightly more efficient compared to series 5 because it works with an S6 processor which gives it a more prolonged battery life, thus making it about 20% faster than the previous generation.  It also contains a 2.5x brighter screen in "always-on" mode, and a faster chip. It is easily noticed outdoors as a result of its brightness.

In this book, Gary Bentford has made everything well simplified and comprehensive for your proper understanding. Thus, here are some of the lessons you would find this user guide:
Setting up and getting started;Turning On, Pairing, & Setting up your Apple WatchFeatures of Apple Watch Series 6Locking and unlocking Your Apple WatchHow to check and measure blood oxygen levelHow to view activity and health reports of family membersHow to manage family  member's Apple WatchHow to set up and make use of siriCool tips and tricks, and more.
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Gary Bentford

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