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“All the world’s a stage…”

Attorneys are actors, stage center - the lead role in a life drama. But, in court, the moment you dread, step into the spotlight – you’re on! Your mouth is dry, hands sweat, memory blanks, feet stuck - stage fright hits hard.

This is normal. Most people are not born performers. Attorneys are required to appear calm in the spot light, stage center – but, what if you make a mistake….? How can you look good?

Actors live through “stage fright” – you can too. As an attorney your role is to act trustworthy, in control – your clients must believe in you.

Control: stage fright, shaky voice, gestures, breathing, sweating, blank mind, dry throat, bathroom needs, and distractions.
Here are suggestions what to wear in court - the best “costume” for that audience. Subtle strategies - eye contact, voice inflection to influence the court and frustrate the opposition – all exceed audience expectations.
In the issue of gender, the public sees male and female attorneys – the roles are the same, but the acting - the delivery - is different.

There are “tricks” only a man can use to influence the court and, at times, female attorneys have impressive leverage. Use all the advantages you can!

I’ve been there; I’ve done it - as an opera singer. You think presenting a case is hard? Try hitting a high C in front of a thousand critics and know you’ll die if you miss! Everything in this book - control nerves for a stellar performance – works!

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4 december
Carolyn Franklin M.A.

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