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It has been three days since Shani gave up her life to join the brutal new world of a vicious motorcycle club, Hellhounds MC. With no car, no money and the skimpiest of clothes, she's stuck at their HQ, submitting completely to the will of the bikers who surround her.

As Shani gets to grips with her new life - and a lot of members in the process - her dark side grows and consumes her. Can she handle a life as a Hellhounds MC girl, and is boss Edgar really as brutal as he seems?

WARNING: Banged By The Gang is a 10,400 word hardcore erotica short story, and part 2 of the Hellhounds MC series. Intended for adults only, it depicts a brutal g******g and the total submission and degradation of a woman to the desires of a group. Please do not read if this material offends you!


She started to get dressed, but Edgar stopped her. “Did I tell you to get dressed? Jesus Christ, just pick your clothes out and get the f**k out of here already!” he yelled. Shani nodded and quickly gathered up her clothes in her arms before scuttling down the hallway. She thought about getting dressed before exiting, but one look at the glowering figure of Edgar made her think twice.

As she stepped outside, the two bikers standing guard looked at her naked, shivering body and grinned at each other with a knowing look. Shani smiled at them. The key was confidence. As she walked down the steps off the porch, she could already feel their stony gaze burning into her ass as it swung from side to side.

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