Be Not Afraid

How one Polish pastor triumphed over Hitler, Stalin and Death itself

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Christians always face the temptation to take the course of least opposition by embracing the ideologies of the surrounding culture. Józef Bałuczynski’s life stories demonstrate God’s faithfulness to a hero who, refusing to shrink back from his commitment to Christ in spite of the social and political forces arrayed against him, lived his entire life in service to others. This book offers both challenge and hope for the increasing number of Christians who are facing the opposition of terrorists and totalitarian governments that seek to squash the message of Christ. Here’s what a few influential leaders are saying about Be Not Afraid:

“This book is an incredible gift to the body of Christ. . . . One cannot read this account without being convinced of God’s ability to sustain His people in the most difficult circumstances of life.”

Kermit S. Bridges

President, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

“A fast-moving, true story of God’s faithfulness and one Polish pastor’s faith-produced courage in the face of mortal danger. This inspiring account also offers one more window into what Poles and others suffered under both Nazi and Soviet forces during the perils of World War II and its aftermath.”

Craig S. Keener 

Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Unsung heroes like Józef Bałuczyński are the other “greatest generation,” soldiers of the cross, many of whose names are known only in heaven. . . .  May God give us the indefatigable courage and undying hope of people like Pastor Józef Bałuczyński.”

Byron D. Klaus

President, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

“The courage of conviction is contagious, and this makes it one of the most important qualities of an effective leader. For over seven decades Pastor Bałuczyński has been a stellar example of Christian leadership, and with the publication of this book his legacy will extend far beyond his lifetime.”

Scott Wilson

Senior Pastor, The Oaks Fellowship

“Be Not Afraid is an absolutely riveting story of a Polish pastor’s journey through heartwrenching trials and inspiring victories, empowered by an unwavering faith in God. It will impact countless hearts for generations to come!”

Brent Grosvenor

CEO, Lights Up Productions Inc. 

“Pastor Jozef’s amazing testimony will remind every reader of the distinguishing traits of authentic believers: boldness to proclaim Christ, power to endure hardship and persecution, and signs and wonders that follow our witness. This is what it means to live out Pentecost—the Book of Acts continued.” 

Donna J. Schambach 

President, Schambach Foundation

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