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It is the incredible story of how a young boy sang his way all the way from the basement of his family home in New Jersey to an illustrious 25-year career in the music industry as a vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and composer. One of the most admirable on his vast list of accomplishments is the fact that he had the opportunity to become a producer for the world renowned Jackson family. From the time he was a little boy, Stanley Johnson knew he was musically inclined. Blessed and highly endowed with the ability to sing, write and arrange music and play instruments, he put his many talents to work as often as he could, proving that hard work and determination truly have their rewards. His many endeavors include creating his own all-boy group as well as participating with other groups. His book captures the excitement of taking time to rehearse, creating unified group wardrobes, learning choreography --- all the things that are necessary to make those who will be great in entertainment great. It also explores the uneasiness that comes with living a life in the public’s eye as an entertainer, as well as the importance of staying focused and not falling victim to the many temptations that often seek out those who live in the spotlight.
Along Stanley’s journey, he worked hard enough to grace the stage of the Apollo Theater and as a member of the soulful R&B group Tomorrows Edition and has made musical performances with legendary Kool and the Gang, among others. But it was one phone call that was received in 1990 that would change his life forever. He joined a friend and fellow colleague in the music industry and ventured to Encino, California for the specific purpose of producing the very first album for Jackson Records. Without a doubt, this was a most rewarding and exciting mark in his career, and Stanley candidly shares the highlights of this awesome experience. Through domestic and international travel, Stanley Johnson has gained an impeccable reputation as one of the most gifted in the music industry. His story is truly one that embodies the American Dream, offering hope and encouragement, and leaving one with the feeling of satisfaction that anything is possible. Upon reading “Before With After” My Life With The Legendary Jackson5 Family, one will walk away encouraged and inspired to seek opportunities, make the most of them and then live to tell about it.

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Stanley Johnson

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