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This is the third book in the Ben Dixon series. Ben Dixon's wife, Milly, has decided to leave her husband and children and her apparently happy life on Wellington Springs Station in Queensland to work on a TV morning show in Melbourne. She expects her family to visit her but, shocked, they reject her plans. She goes anyway and Ben believes their marriage is over. Ben is experienced in TV and warns her of failure and she does indeed strike big problems. Ben, a former investigative journalist, suspects that Milly may have been forced to take up the TV contract and begins to check. He finds that a snide executive of the TV channel might be involved. Milly is becoming distressed in her situation and begs Ben for help, even though he regards them as separated and nearing divorce. In the midst of all this Ben becomes bankrupt, his accountant having embezzled all his money. He loses his two properties and all but a house and a car, and has to work to pay off more than a million dollars, so sets out to do so, working at various properties around the region. But he is conscious of Milly's great unhappiness and, when given an opportunity to work with her again on a revival of their old Ben and Milly TV show, realizes that he still loves her. In Melbourne he can look further into Milly's strange decision to leave her family and his suspicion that she's been blackmailed. It becomes obvious that the executive, Byron Dietrich, is the blackmailer, using a vulnerable friend's problems as a weapon. Ben's inquiries lead him to believe that Dietrich has been criminally active in other areas. He arrives in Melbourne determined to protect Milly and punish Dietrich....

28 mars

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