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In 2004 I compiled a book entitled “I Remember It Well”, comprised of letters home, travel essays and extracts from my diaries covering a twenty month period, following the completion of my university studies, from 1965-1967, during which time I hitchhiked, youth-hosteled and worked my way throughout most of Western Europe.

During these trips I began to write periodic travelogues which I e-mailed home to members of my family and a few friends, reflecting my impressions of the people and the sites that I experienced in the various places that I visited. By 2006 I had fallen into the pleasant practice of usually taking one major trip abroad every year and I began seriously and regularly to write travelogues of my day-to-day activities and impressions of the diverse locales that I had visited. In addition, during the past decade, I also traveled extensively in the United States of America taking shorter mini trips..

I have retained copies of those travelogues, covering my travels abroad during the period 2006-2018, and have incorporated into them numerous photographs which I took with my point and shoot camera during those trips. This series of books, “Keeping On Keeping On”, demonstrates that, if you are comfortably retired and in good health, there is nothing to stop you from keeping on keeping on traveling until you can no longer keep on traveling, which is something I hope to continue to do in the future.

I have often been asked what stands out in terms of the most memorable places I have visited. Over the years it has become increasingly clear to me that what scenes are most etched in my travel memories are the natural beauty and unspoiled wildlife in so many parts of the world. To pick favourites is difficult but amongst my favourites are Antarctica, Halong Bay in Vietnam, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the Iguassu Falls in Argentina and Brazil, the desert near Wadi Rhum in Jordan, the Ngorongoro and the Serengeti National Parks in Tanzania, the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, the Joshua Tree National Park in California and the Acadia National Park in Maine, U.S.A.

However, of all these trips covering all seven continents I have chosen Cyprus, Jordan, an African Safari in Kenya and Tanzania and Antarctica as the best of my travels. I have compiled these four travelogues in this book of the best of "Keeping On Keeping On", my series of thirty mini e-book travelogues all of which can be readily downloaded free of charge charge at this web site.

I would like to extend a particular note of thanks to my brother Robin and sister-in-law Fran, one or both of whom accompanied me on all four of these wonderful journeys.

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28 september
Michael Farquhar

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