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When Baron Raul of Kinsborough won a woman at a sale, he never knew, he would enter his castle with her as his bride.When Emma of Rosemund, fled from home, she never expected, she had commenced her journey to love. The first had wanted to become a Templar Knight, the second was on her way to the Abbey. But destiny had other ideas

Quoted from the book:-
“My father has little value for such emotions. He prides himself in being practical. It was practical to have a mistress while he was wed to my mother. It was practical to send me away after my mother’s death. And it is practical for him to have me near him now.” he replied.
“How is what he does, any different my lord, from what we do? Are we not wed because it was practical for us to wed each other?” she alleged
“We wed, not to be practical, but because it was necessary” he tried to argue the point
“Change the name if ye will, it will matter not, for where the heart is not involved, there the word ‘practical’ applies” she clarified.
“Ye tell me I am better than my father, yet ye equal my actions to his?” he asked in confusion.
“My lord, when I praised ye earlier, it was yer judgment I spoke well of. Do ye not agree that of the two, ye have chosen the better bride?” with that she broke into a gentle laugh. And that laughter rang through the silent night.
Her words brought Raul to a halt and her laughter, brought a smile to his lips. She had bested him again! His lady, of God only knew where!

While the book does not have adult content it is advisable for the over 16 due to the adult theme.

27 februari
Darcee Tana

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