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These wives pull no punches as they humiliate, degrade and even publicly mock their husbands - while being knocked up by another man!

Cucking My Husband 

Being stood up by her inattentive husband yet again is too much for Jenny to take, and she decides to get drunk at the hotel bar where they were supposed to meet. Her plans change when a couple of men come in and mistake her for an escort. She decides not to correct them... and finds herself getting the attention she wants from the black, white and well hung men. 

Bred By The Doctor 

Sam and Carla have tried everything to get pregnant, even resorting to artificial insemination. Nothing seems to work, and the doctor is stymied to figure out what is wrong. A new nurse sees their plight, and mentions a new radical therapy that might work for the couple. They are beside themselves with worry over never having a family, and they are desperate to try just about anything. Soon they're being impregnated by the doctor in a way they never thought possible... This story involves graphic themes of a husband being cuckolded and forced to watch his wife being impregnated by another man! 

Making My Husband Watch 

At a house party Cindy and Scott have a few too many drinks, and find themselves doing things they never thought they would. Scott has always had a fantasy of Cindy cuckolding him, but it’s been a long time since he’s even acknowledged those feelings since he doesn’t think she would go along with it. However when they start playing the drinking game Never Have I Ever and the question gets asked “Have you ever been with a black man?” Cindy shocks Scott with her blunt answer, saying she's always longed to have sex with a black man. Jamal loudly asks her if she wants too, and Scott is just drunk enough to suggest that Cindy give it a shot. Scott never thinks she’ll do it but to his shock she gets down on her knees right then and there to allow herself to be used and stretched out by Jamal in every way possible in front of the entire party.

9 september
25 Eagles LLC

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