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A trio of exiles. A shared past. And a prophecy that could end worlds...

To the gods, she is Bivrost, the magical way connecting Asgard to all other realms. 

Iris alone can open bridges between the Nine Worlds. The last of her kind, she was taken in by Asgard's gods—until a prophecy and her compassionate nature made her a threat. Then the god she thought she loved stole her magic and abandoned her to the mortal world of Midgard.

Heimdal is the Watcher of the Gods, sworn to protect Asgard from threats internal and external. When prophecy demanded a sacrifice, Heimdal defied Asgard and gave up everything to protect the woman he'd grown to love. He will do anything to keep Iris from coming to harm, even betray her—again.

Loki has been an outcast from the day he was born. The only person who ever tempted him to stop driving people away was also a woman he knew could never truly love him. He couldn't decide whether to let Iris change him or punish her for trying. When he realizes that she's been stranded in the same world where he's been exiled, he finally gets to decide. 

For six years, Iris has lived as a mortal woman, betrayed by her lover, stripped of her magic, and lonely beyond measure. Despite her best intentions to remain uninvolved, the same compassionate streak that landed her in Midgard keeps dragging her into the woes of mortals Iris would rather not call friends—except that she already does.

When Iris's magic unexpectedly returns, the prophecy that landed her in this mess to begin with resurfaces with it. With the lives of friends and whole worlds at risk, Iris will have to fight to hold onto her magic and her heart—with two gods closing in and no idea which she might be able to trust…

Fans of K.F. Breene, Laura Thalassa, C.N. Crawford, and Annie Bellet will enjoy this romance-drenched fantasy reimagining of Norse myths and legends!

15 januari
Nightraven Publishing

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