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Picture rolling hills, with long rows of vineyards trailing off into the distance. Imagine the early morning sun filtering through a low veil of mist. Think of historic stone buildings perched on hillsides overlooking the valley below, and you can form a picture of Wine Country. No matter where you're visiting from, Wine Country has the ability to transport you, for however long you're staying, to a bucolic world, where exceptional wine flows freely and world-class cuisine is the expected norm. It's almost impossible not to relax and unwind here. Even if you don't come for the wine and the food, Wine Country has something to offer almost every visitor. If you're an outdoor-type, you'll find beautiful state parks for hiking, biking, and nature watching, or you can take to the water and paddle your way down scenic rivers. If history is more your thing, you'll know that the region played an important role in the history of California, and you'll find several historic sites to visit. And if you just want to relax and indulge in some personal spoiling, Wine Country has spas, luxury hotels, limousine tours, and boutique shopping. More than a dozen counties throughout California produce wine, but the North Coast region is by far the best-known. Four counties make up this region: Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake. North Coast winemaking began in Sonoma County, and this region has managed to maintain much of its country living feel. The wineries here are spread over several areas, so your route may take a little more planning, but it's easy to find both major producers and small, family-run operations. Sonoma may not have the glitz of Napa, but its wines rival any. Aside from wine and food, Sonoma also offers plenty of activities for visitors. You can visit the Russian River, redwoods, and, of course, the stunning Sonoma Coast. Mendocino County sits just north of Sonoma County and seems almost to have shunned the tourist industry. Not that visitors aren't made welcome. Tasting rooms are friendly and seldom crowded, and you'll find little pretentiousness here. You will, however, find good food and wonderful wines, in fact several renowned Napa Valley winemakers also own wineries in the region. There are fewer accommodations in this region, and some visitors opt to stay in northern Sonoma County or on the stunning Mendocino Coast, and drive into the Anderson Valley and other Mendocino wine regions. This guide focusses primarily on the Sonoma & Mendocino Counties. Includes hundreds of color photos of the hotels, restaurants, wineries, beaches, forests, and much more. The Napa Valley wineries are covered in another eBook by Lisa Materfield - California's Wine Country: The Napa Valley.

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