Carrie Anne’s World: An Odyssey through Space and Time

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Mike O'Keefe arrives on the paradise island of Koh Tao only to be caught up in a terrorist attack by a radical environmental group. In a recurring dream, he encounters a mysterious young girl on a beach who cannot remember her past. She writes a message in the sand, 6 = 3, and begs him to help her find the "Saelak". Dismissing the experience as the product of a fevered imagination, he settles into life on the island. But when the environmental threat ramps up and elements from his dreams begin bleeding into the real world, Mike is propelled on a journey across time and space that must end in the destruction or salvation of Humanity.

“Mark Whiteway’s newest novel, Carrie Anne’s World, is a mesmerizing story of love, humanity, and hope in the face of extinction.
“While the science fiction elements of the story make it an engaging and sensational read, the questions it brings up about the consequences of global warming are relevant and important. These stakes give the story a powerful and thought-provoking layer that left me thinking about the story even after I had closed the book.” Emerson Craig – Literary Blogger
“ Carrie Anne is an enigma; despite her clear lack of awareness or knowledge of her own history or the world, she is one of the most intriguing characters that I have ever come across. The mystery surrounding her is one that truly captivates the reader, as you not only want to know her story, but you want to know the world she inhabits.

“Carrie Anne’s World is a novel that presents the world in uproar. However, as the reader delves through the pages of this complex narrative, it becomes much clearer that this is a novel that pushes the boundaries of science fiction. Whiteway intertwines science fiction with a psychological mystery that the reader can’t help but want to unravel, paired with an entirely unexpected conclusion that is deeply satisfying.” – Hannah Tindale BA Hons English Literature
Mark Whiteway took some great influences, brought his personal touch and created a unique and fascinating story. This is his best yet.” – Elia Mihuta, Content Writer

“Stemming on his earlier success, Mark Whiteway brings, in Carrie Anne’s World, a rollicking adventure with breathtaking scope. Few authors cover so much territory so deftly, and once again Mark weaves together a story that spans multiple timelines and planets without losing its sense of pace or scale.

“Mark Whiteway’s writing zings with pointed reminders of modern perils, yet sings with such timeless adventure that such reminders are well-received; a spoonful of sweeping thrills to help the moral lesson go down more easily. And as with his other novels, Mark Whiteway’s Carrie Anne’s World won’t let you put it down. Join in the adventure of a thrilling eco-fable in Carrie Anne’s World!” – Aaron Walker Ph.D.

Sci-fi och fantasy
21 april
Mark Whiteway

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