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Chandler Bell

When my boyfriend breaks up with me because I'm overweight, I go to the one place I feel the most comfortable. Oddly enough, it's the gym I was basically raised in. Things have changed over the years, but the people inside are my family. Some of them literally. Baker reluctantly agrees to help me get in shape, and so begins the torture. Baker and I have always been close and though I've had a crush on him basically since I was floating around in amniotic fluid, I've always known he was off limits. I mean, come on. The guy is scorching hot with women throwing themselves at him constantly, and I can't even keep a man who wears tweed shorts around. It's kinda a no-brainer where I fall on the food chain. Plus, he's straight, and apparently pining after someone?

Baker Storm

When Chandler's douche bag boyfriend dumps him and makes him feel like he needs to change, I reluctantly agree to help. Mostly because I've never been able to say no to him. In my eyes, Chandler is perfect. Always has been. I know I'm not good enough for him, I mean I barely graduated high school, and I only did that because he tutored me the whole time, but it doesn't stop me from having those secret wants. A chance encounter with the man who made him feel like shit leads to me all but peeing on him in public, and I maybe go a little too far and reveal some things about myself that I'd been holding on to for years. Will I have the confidence to be the man Chandler seems to think I am, or will my self-doubt cause me to miss out on something I've only ever dreamed about.

As with all my books, this series is pretty fluffy. Not much angst at all, no cheating and definitely a happy ending! Meant to be a light hearted read to make you laugh… or at least smile.

Enjoy!! ::blowing you kisses::

March 20
J. D. Light

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