Utgivarens beskrivning

My rules for survival:

1. Hide my true vampire nature.

2. Keep my vamp friends safe.

3. Avoid SCAR at all costs.

I look like a normal human. I'm not. I'm a rogue vampire.

In my world, vamps are treated as dangerous criminals who must be subdued. By law, all vampires have to get an implant. Sure, the device calms blood lust and violence, but it also strips us of our true natures, and worse, it allows the government to control us.

I know for a fact that vamps can live peacefully without the implant. My friends and I have been doing it for months, all thanks to the blood of a mythical flying beast we chanced upon in the mountains. But our stash of dragon blood is almost gone. And one of my friends is on the verge of losing control and exposing all of us.

We have to find more dragon blood before it's too late. Before SCAR -- Supernatural Crime Action and Rehabilitation -- captures us and forces us to submit to the "cure." I'll do anything to save myself and my friends, even travel to a world ruled by dragon shifters. But I never expected my quest for survival would lead me to fall for a dragon. That might make things complicated . . .

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Sci-fi och fantasy
12 augusti
Jayne Faith

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