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Cheat Sheet for the Working World is an account of the dos and donts associated with life on the job. It prepares you to deal with the work environment and its challenges.

The book uses a global perspective to alert readers, provoking thoughts and reactions to the realities of the work environment from relationship with peers, subordinates, bosses and others, to workplace politics and discrimination, gender issues, work habits and ethics, the grapevine and other unexpected experiences. It analyses the job of an Operations Manager in both national and multi-cultural settings, outlining goals and responsibilities, potential problems encountered and possible solutions, thereby giving readers advanced knowledge for faster decision making, and more effective course of action throughout their career.

Throughout the book, case stories and concrete life experiences are illustrated in an effort to emphasize awareness. Cartoon illustrations are used to bring facts to life with humor.

Most books on personnel management do not cover cultural issues to any great extent. Cheat Sheet for the Working Worlds broad coverage makes it an excellent source for in-service training program, a must-read for University-level Business classes and employees the world over. It also provides tips, advices and information that will help the decision-making process. These attributes will contribute to shorten the learning curve and help people become more informed and mature professionally.

Anyone interested in the happenings of the real world of work will find this book a fascinating read. Its a great gift incentive to employees and students.

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