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Chernobyl, it is a name that has rung in the collective mind of humanity for three decades. It acquired that name due to the disaster that gave it a voice in this world. For the first three decades it was hidden and only spoken of in clandestine circles. The came the calamity. On April 26th, 1986 at 1:23:40 AM, during what should have been a simple test, everything and the world changed. Within two days, the entire world became focused on a little area of the then USSR or in modern-day Ukraine. The disaster changed the way the world viewed the Soviet Union and nuclear power.

Nowhere on Earth, in human history, has ever been changed as rapidly as Pripyat. Pripyat was the town that housed most of the employees, and their families, that worked within the Chernobyl Reactor Complex. The town was the pride and joy of the USSR. It is now the visible reminder of what humans can do when they allow their technology to run amok.

This book is a walkthrough of the exclusion zones. Beauty in Ruin. As you view the pictures, you will notice simple items that were once everyday items for people, now stand as sentinels over a life that once was.

Welcome to Chernobyl as it now stands. This is your entry into this iconic abandoned city and location. It is a marker that sets the time for when the world paused. From pristine to ruin, this is what humankind has brought. This is our legacy.

Enjoy this walk through a radioactive past.

26 april
Raymond Fosdick

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