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Google's Chromecast is a hot gadget in today's media-centered world. This e-book helps by describing how it works if you're ready to set up a unit in your home. You'll learn the ease of getting started, so you can have everything you need to increase your streaming media experience.

When you reach the end of this e-book, you'll have your Chromecast running properly, so that you can enjoy the many options it offers you for streaming movies, TV shows, music and even video games.

The Chromecast TV stick has many versatile uses that we'll tell you about in this e-book. You'll learn how to use your iOS or Android phone as a remote control for your new out of the box TV watching enjoyment. Our goal is helping you get the most out of your new 'toy'.

Chromecast streams video, music and photos with ease. It now supports lots of apps that we'll tell you about inside, like Netflix, Google Play Movies, Hulu, YouTube and more.

Here is what you'll learn in this e-book:

-Price and description of the Chromecast TV stick

-How to install on your TV

-Using your tablet or smartphone as a remote

-Using Chromecast with your home Wi-Fi

-Ways to get the most from your TV stick

-Tips and tricks to add to your enjoyment

-Apps! Descriptions of lots of apps you'll want to include

What are you waiting for? With this e-book and your own Chromecast TV stick you'll be streaming movies and TV in less than an hour!

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31 mars
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