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“This is the most complete book on coaching youth football from a 23 year veteran who wins 80% of his games over three decades.” This is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of youth football. This book was over 23 years in the making and the author has taken two entire years to make sure all information is complete. This book goes into every detail regarding coaching youth football. This book is written by a coach with over 23 years of experience and who has won over 80% of his games. Jim Oddo has coached started coaching 14 year-old travel teams and over his career has coached every age level starting at 4 year old flag up through 14 year-old travel. He continues to coach and teach young men this wonderful game of youth football. Winning at the youth football level is more about getting your team prepared than about any one system. Do not believe these ridiculous claims from other authors claiming “that you can win with any talent if you run my system”. I have coached in the smallest town in our league and have won over 80% of my games using a variety of offenses and defenses over the years. Jim Oddo has been coaching youth sports for over 25 years. In youth football, Jim has coached many different levels starting at the 4-year old in flag football and all the way up to the 14-year old travel tackle level. Over his long career, Jim has used many different offensive and defensive schemes. He is not a slave to any one system and has used many different schemes over the years.

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