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BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (known as bloc), have been working closely together for more than a decade in areas as politics, economics, culture and security. The bloc plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth of not only emerging markets and developing countries, but also the world economy as a whole. Just as importantly, it contributes significantly towards improving global governance and the welfare of those living in BRICS countries. Contributed by more than 20 experts from major think tanks in BRICS countries, the chapters in this book analyze how the BRICS countries have realized shared prosperity and achieved global prominence by cooperating with one another. In addition, the authors also look at challenges faced by the bloc, and possible solutions to those problems.
Contents: Deepen BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future (Wang Linggui and Zhao Jianglin)Opportunities and Challenges for BRICS Countries: The International Environment and Policy Outlook for BRICS Countries (Roberto Abdenur)BRICS and the Changing International System (Alexander Lukin)The Role and Place of BRICS in the Context of Globalization (Boris Guseletov)Are the BRICS Nations Ready for a New Era? (Zhu Caihua)Difficulties and Path of BRICS Countries' Structural Reform (Huang Maoxing)Dynamics from BRICS Countries — A Perspective on BRICS Development Strategies: Prospects and Issues (Vinod Anand)Brazil's Participation in BRICS Cooperation Mechanism: Strategic Consideration and Analysis of Results (Zhou Zhiwei)Brazil in the BRICS After Davos 2017: Coordinating Development Strategies in a New Epoch (Ana Flávia Barros Platiau and Jorge Gomes do Cravo Barros)Balance of Power and International Trade: The Perception of the Brazilian Public Opinion about China and BRICS (Amancio Jorge de Oliveira and Janina Onuki)Coordinating BRICS Strategies: A Russian Point of View and Suggestions (Georgy Toloraya)South Africa Beware the BRIC Bearing BRICS, as the Soothsayer Hath Warned Caesar 'Beware the Ides of March!' (Matlotleng Matlou)Seeking Sino–India Development Coordination under the Belt and Road (Lin Minwang)The Development and Future of BRICS Countries — BRICS: Toward Multipolarity and Global Governance (Bali Ram Deepak)The BRICKS: An Attractive and Compelling Alternative to Global Governance (Tony Karbo)Policy Suggestions on the Coordination of BRICS Strategies (Renato Galvao Flores)Soft Power, Inter-cultural Communication and Inter-civilizational Dialogue as Main Strategies of Development of International Cooperation (Guseynova Innara Alyevna)A New Type of South–South Cooperation and BRICS New Development Bank (Zhu Jiejin)The Coordination of BRICS Development Strategies: Way to Common Prosperity — Sum of 2017 BRICS Think Tanks Forum and International Conference (Wei Siying)
Readership: Academics, professionals, policy-makers and students interested in cooperation of BRICS countries. BRICS;Development Strategy;Cooperation Mechanism;International Trade00

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