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The key truths inside will unlock your future and lift you to that quality of life you and so many others strive to achieve!

The scope of the problem we face is global; too much of what goes on in your world and across an array of organizations is undermined by not recognizing that you and your teammates are winners. What if you could change this with just baby steps? Imagine that you read “Crazy Smart” and then choose to be happy, healthy and build the quality of life you want. Neat, huh!

•Crazy Smart presents 10 perspectives of what winners look like, how they got to be winners, and what they do with the positive attitudes that come from winning. And more than 20 case studies that document winning too!

•Crazy Smart helps you understand that you can grow into your strengths and engage your individual process of purposeful practice to move up life’s hierarchy of being a winner.

•In each Crazy Smart chapter, look for the little things you can bring into your daily life flow that allow you to filter for those outliers and winners who will kick ass and take names as they roll on to deliver remarkable experiences for your customers.
Having won in four sports, Joe knows how to win. When the game was on the line, the coach said, “give Slade the ball!” Now it’s your turn! Winning is contagious! Winning feels good! You deserve all of that! Read on and reap your rewards!

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26 maj
Joe Slade, Jr