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Erin has a secret. Not even her friends know. Erin's secret is... she lactates. Not a little, but a lot. And she's never even been pregnant! She's never been able to find the right man. If her curves don't scare them away, her milk does. Until an accident at work reveals that the right man might be closer than she thought...EXCERPT from this story:Few men could handle a lactating woman, she'd discovered. Some of them had even accused her of being sick, or of having a baby that she hadn't told them about. They were never able to understand how it just happened for her. How her breasts began producing milk when she was young and had steadily increased production. Now she had to wear breast pads and padded bras to keep her shirts from developing wet spots. Even her friends didn't know her secret. So when they suggested men to her, she laughed and nodded, but secretly knew that no man would ever understand.Erin looked at the clock and sighed. She had a few minutes to spare. Should she use her breast pump or not?She sat down on her bed. She had woken up horny this morning. She thought she'd do it the old-fashioned way – the way that felt the best.She laid out a beach towel on the bed, then laid back. One hand went to her breast and began to knead it, pulling the milk down towards the nipple. The other hand moved between her legs and began to rub. As she felt her milk begin to dribble out, her arousal grew. She was wet, and she grew wetter as her milk started to truly flow.

23 juli
Patsy Highsmith

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