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ERIN CODY has been a single mom of two rambunctious boys since her husband was killed in a car accident—an accident that brought on the miscarriage of her third child...a daughter she has always wanted. Her life if full with work and her two sons, leaving no room for dating...and no desire to subject her sons to the stress of men dating their mother. Now, at twenty-nine, she finally feels confident enough fulfill her late husband’s last promise to their two sons. She has agreed to take them camping... but only in a cabin where she can lock a door against the unknown dangers that lurk in the surrounding forest.

At thirty-one, STAN FORSYTH, is the youngest mayor his small Georgia town has ever elected. He's on vacation at one of his parent’s northern Georgia cabins, trying to relax, but figuring he’ll be bored to tears after two days.

His timetable is right on target when he meets six-year-old Toby and eight-year-old Andy and they ask him to teach them to fish. Since Stan has been a widower for almost three years, his sister and secretary have been encouraging him to date. He enjoys the occasional evening out, but draws the line at dating a single mother since kids get hurt when couples stop dating. Then he meets Toby and Andy's mother, and he's tempted to toss the self-imposed restriction into the lake. With their jam-packed schedules and living two hours apart, they both agree that dating is out of the question.

They resist the emotional pull toward each other, but during the week, the boys and several stressful events repeatedly shove them together. Stan quickly realizes that he cares for Erin and both her boys...even putting himself in danger to keep them safe, while Erin learns that Stan can be trusted with her sons...and with her heart.

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Sandra McGregor

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