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Volume Description:
This book is the complete bundle of the first 6 stories of the Dance with the Devil series. This series explores the world of blackmail, domination and adult relationships. Chase King wants nothing more than to sail off into the sunset with his boss, Samantha Knox. Unfortunately for him, his co-worker, Mindy Keller won't let him have his fairytale ending.
Through manipulation and mind-altering pleasure Chase is ushered through unknown doors that leave him begging for more. On the other side of those doors are pain, humiliation, pleasure, love and happiness. The only problem is there are constant obstacles preventing him from obtain true love.
Series Description:
Chase King works very hard at his job. His greatest motivation is his sexy boss Samantha Knox. Since he began working under her a few years ago, she has been at the center of his fantasies. After finally building the courage to pursue Samantha, Chase's efforts are interrupted by a bothersome and manipulative coworker, Mindy Keller.
Mindy has a reputation as being a major witch and a penchant for bad behavior. Once she finds out about Chase's relationship with Samantha, Mindy decides to blackmail Chase. He is thus pulled into a world of female domination, sexual pleasure, manipulation, and physical and emotional abuse.
Chase does everything in his power to keep Mindy's spiteful gaze away from Samantha, even though this means obeying every selfish whim of his tormentor. Throughout his captivity he begins to find weak spots in Mindy's armor. This leads to questions about the true nature of the woman that appears to be no more than a devil in a dress. Chase struggles to find a way out of his blackmailer's grasp but what he eventually discovers causes him to question all of his previously held beliefs.
Is there a way out of this forced and messy liaison? And if there is will there be anything to return to once he does?

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T.L. Tate

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