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DANCING SATELLITES by Prof.(em) Alfred Evert

Gravity makes the apple fall down. That gravity constant commonly is applied on all masses of the universe. However, the calculation only matches if additional 95 % masses are added by fictive Dark Matter and Energy.

Already at geostationary satellites, the calculation won´t fit: the earth is able to force satellites into circle track at height of about 42000 km if they are moving by 3 km/s. In reality however, they fly ten times faster through the space and thus show hundredfold stronger inertia. Also the sun can not keep these satellites on the demanded track, because their velocity varies by +/- 10 % every day. Above this, it´s unsolved why satellites for earth observation stagger around the earth at S-shaped tracks and why satellites at polar orbit are eastward drifting continuously.

A second problem results of the idea, at the one hand would exist the material and at the other hand the vacuum. Each material particle would dissolve immediately into the surrounding absolute void. It´s not conceivable how previous gravity could affect attracting forces through the nothing of space.

At early times one did agree in the existence of ´light-aether´ of high density, so transport by light speed would be possible. However now it was not clear, how e.g. the solid earth could move through that ´thick soup´. So one appreciated when Einstein ´eliminated´ the aether. However one still ignores, Einstein stated the necessity of the existence of an aether in later years quite clearly.

The (absolute new) solution of that dilemma is simple: really existing is only one unique substance and all other appearances are each special motion pattern of aether within the aether. So no ´solid bodies´ are flying through the space, but only the motion pattern are shifted some forward within the aether – nearby analogue to the sound (where also only the motion pattern of compression / decompression is flying through the air).

This aether is omnipresent and builds a gapless unity universe wide. Around the celestial bodies exist ´aether-whirlpools´ - and the geostationary satellites are drifting within and the satellites at (nearby) polar orbit really are ´gone with the aether-winds´. These phenomena and their logic plausible explanations are discussed at that book about Dancing Satellites.

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19 december
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