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The Dandelions Never Die Series is an 8 book epic romantic adventure about women who overcome great obstacles against great odds and learn that "We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be."

In Book 1: Shelley Adams is a pretty, young mother with three kids who lives in a modest home in an Atlanta suburb with her inattentive husband. Her self-esteem at an all time low, she is your average American woman, right? And then the unthinkable happens. She is sexually assaulted in a public park in broad daylight. This random act of violence is the catalyst that moves her life from average to extraordinary.  

Her marriage in ruins, Shelley is traumatized and emotionally crippled. She searches for some sort of empowerment and ends up in a Tae Kwon Do class at the local “Y”. While attending a martial arts tournament, she runs head long into black belt hall-of-famer Master Eric Kino, who knows immediately that she is the woman of his dreams.

Master Eric Kino reaches each day for enlightenment. He strives to live with honor, integrity and wisdom. He is renowned as an extraordinary teacher of the martial arts and as the owner of the Kino Studios operating nationwide. His fame is only helped by the fact that his son, 21 year-old, Ricky Kino, is a martial arts heart throb movie star. Eric has been able to develop a sixth sense of sorts and has dreams and visions of things to come, so the moment he sees Shelley he knows she is the woman he’s seen many times in his dreams. A woman who was in peril and a woman he is destined to help.
What he does not see is the evil lurking in the shadows, waiting to take from him what he treasures most.

Together, Eric and Shelley must reach deep within themselves to heal, to overcome, to evolve and to help teach the world the freedom and peace that comes with real love.  

26 april
McCartney Green

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