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As Levi was closing Shawna’s side of the truck, a dark car appeared out of nowhere and began speeding down the street. The car raced toward the sheriff’s office just as Joe stepped out of the door and into the street.
Shawna looked up and caught a glimpse of the driver, but she didn’t recognize the man. He looked dark and swarthy in appearance and a strange thought drifted through her head. To her, he resembled one of the thugs’ that usually frequented the other casino a little distance from town. She knew there were a number of out of town people drifting in and always trying to muzzle their way into the casino business, but so far, the owner had kept everything legitimate.
For some reason, the car slowed as it got close to the sheriff. She watched as if in slow motion how the window rolled down and a shiny object lifted to just outside the window. It looked like a pistol to her, but she couldn’t be sure.
What happened next made Shawna’s blood run cold. A series of shots rang out in the stillness from the open window of the black car. The sheriff was the intended target. The man’s aim was good and Joe Kinston landed on his back in the street. Blood spurted from his chest covering his tan shirt giving it a crimson appearance.
“Oh, no, Levi!” Shawna shouted as she jumped from his truck and ran across the street kneeling down near the wounded man.
“You call for help and see about the sheriff. I’ll be right back,” Levi shouted as he ran back to the truck and revved the engine squealing his tires as he headed in the same direction of the black car.
Shawna silently hoped Levi would be safe, but her first concern was the sheriff. “Joe, Joe,” she said urgently, removing her cell phone and a hankie at the same time to cover the wound to stop the flow of blood. She pressed the hankie over the hole in his chest and pushed down on it while dialing for an ambulance.

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Mary Suzanne

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