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Romantic Suspense Boxed Set - 3 Complete Books

Ladybugs and Fireflies - Feisty fraud investigator, Callie Roberts, isn't looking for a knight in shining armor to rescue her. She's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Her business is thriving and her dream of owning her own home is finally in reach...if she can just land her dream client. The last thing she needs is to be distracted by a man, but sexy Taylor Powers refuses to be ignored. One night of giving in to temptation turns into disaster when Callie discovers his nice guy routine has distracted her from the truth. Taylor is a powerful New York attorney and he is way out of her league. Even worse, he's in town to represent the man her dream client has hired her to investigate.

Luck of the Draw - Love? Money? Career? Family? An anonymous lottery winner decides to give away a two-hundred-million-dollar jackpot. Failed entrepreneur, Amanda Cash, is tapped by the winner to select deserving persons to receive the windfall. If the benefactor agrees with Amanda's choices, she will be awarded more than enough money to fund her dying mother's heart transplant-a million-dollar 'finder's fee.' Complicating matters, one suitor has a secret need for a fortune, while another will do anything for the scoop of the century. Do either truly love Amanda for herself-or are they just using her for personal gain?

Saving Tampa - For as long as she could remember, Rachel Cunningham feared and hated her psychic ability. When a strange man accidentally touches her, she sees the death of thousands. Rachel knows the FBI won't believe her, but she has to try. Lives are at stake. Special Agent Arrons dismisses her information as a publicity stunt, yet his conscience nags him. When Rachel identifies an Al Qaida cell leader, Arrons puts his career at risk and issues an alert. Together they race against time to prevent a terrorist attack. Will the terrorists' threat succeed, or will Rachel and Arrons find the solution in time to Save Tampa?

Participating Authors - Charlee Allden, Teryl Oswald, Jo Webnar

23 november
Highland Press Publishing