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Learn your ABC's with this one of a kind, hand illustrated book. It makes learning the alphabet as easy as A, B, C! Each page is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet, making it a beautiful 32 page 8.5” x 11” cover to cover book. 

Daniel eats an apple with an awesome alligator.

Daniel blows blue bubbles with a bouncing brown bear.

Daniel croons a song with a cow and a cat.

Daniel dances at a dynamite disco with a dog.

Daniel eats eggs with an elephant.

Daniel flops and hops with a friendly frog.

Daniel gallops on a giant giraffe.

Daniel has a huge hamburger with a hungry, hairy hippo.

Daniel is inside an igloo eating ice cream.

Daniel juggles jars while jumping over a jack-o-lantern.

Daniel kisses a kangaroo dressed up like a king.

Daniel licks a lollipop with a large lion.

Daniel must try to catch that monkey and his marbles.

Daniel neatly makes neckties out of newspaper.

Daniel only has two arms, but the pet octopus has eight.

Daniel plays the piano with a pretty pink pig.

Daniel tries to sell the queen's quilts.

Daniel races the rabbit while riding on a rocket.

Daniel makes silly faces while swinging with a snake.

Daniel tickles a tiger on its tummy.

Daniel's up up and away under the umbrella.

Daniel's violin plays very vibrant sounds.

Daniel watches a worm wiggle out of a watermelon.

Daniel x-rays a fox and an ox.

Daniel's yo-yo is yellow but the yarn is not.

Daniel zips along with a zebra holding a pizza.

That's the end of this book Daniel. We hope you liked it!

If you’d like to create your own personalized version of this book, please visit www.firsttimebooks.com.

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