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Will Mr. Darcy save Elizabeth in time?While Mr. Darcy rushes to London to help Miss Lydia Bennet avoid ruination, the unexpected death of their father throws Miss Elizabeth Bennet's future into doubt. The remaining Bennet women move to London in order to support themselves, and Elizabeth accepts the first position as a governess she can find—with the Countess of Bremont and her ward, Madeleine.Ashamed of her lowered position in society and still thinking of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth tries to avoid social contacts until she can afford to live somewhere far away where she might still make a fortunate match. But the Countess is crueler than she could have imagined, and she finds herself a virtual prisoner alongside Madeleine. Elizabeth must devise a plan to free herself and her young friend from the Countess's schemes...Has Mr. Darcy's devotion been in vain?Now back at Netherfield, Mr. Darcy finds the Collins inhabiting Longbourn and Elizabeth gone. With the help of Mr. Bingley, he travels to London and searches for her with the only information he has: her name and her position. Darcy must know if her feelings for him have changed since he last proposed.Unfortunately, his inquiries stir up the wrong sort of gossip. In order to find Miss Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy changes tactics and braves the society he disdains, the lavish masked balls and parties of the ton. Will he find Elizabeth before the Countess can separate them forever?Love Unmasked is a Cinderella story of 50,000 words that is a stand alone novel and book 3 of Pride and Prejudice Variations series of standalone Darcy and Elizabeth books. This Pride and Prejudice fanfiction features second chances, a lost love, forbidden love, women in peril and a happy reunion.

11 april
Bella Breen

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