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The 2nd Jonas Forbes Thriller
Jonas Forbes, Enquiry Agent has been hired by the UK Foreign Office to help protect the Soviet leaders, Khrushchev and Bulganin, arriving at Portsmouth on a state visit to Britain in April 1956. However, Khrushchev has just publicly denounced Stalin and on board the cruiser ‘Ordzhonikidze’ are opponents determined to assassinate him and blame it on the British. They organise the theft of a British mine through local contacts but quickly lose control as this leads to murder and draws in Detective Inspector John Wyatt of Scotland Yard. Wyatt and Forbes must learn to work together and also secure the cooperation of the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence), entrusted with the safety of the Soviet leaders.
Almost immediately Jonas finds himself in trouble. His Whitehall contacts, except for Vanessa Clarke, come to dislike and distrust him – especially after he falls for Lt. Natasha Rykov of the GRU with tragic results. The police question both his methods and suitability for the task. Complications increase when the KGB become involved, determined to oust their GRU rivals as protectors of the Soviet leaders. The disappearance of Commander Crabbe near the Soviet vessel worsens relations between those aiming to foil the plotters and ensure the success of the visit.
Violent death intrudes on shore and on the ‘Ordzhonikidze’ and both Jonas and the plot leaders themselves become targets for a killer, determined to complete his assignment and collect his pay.
A fast-paced thriller firmly based on historical research.

Deckare och thrillers
25 oktober
Bob Hyslop

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