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Dare Me is the sequel to Tease Me by Salome Fox--now on sale for only $0.99!

Sam Traiger wasn't kidding when he told Lily Carson he'd come up with new games for them to play together. Having a naughty--and uber hot--next door neighbor does have its perks.

After a fun evening at a cabaret, Sam sees how turned on Lily is by burlesque. He challenges her to unleash her own inner corseted vixen and take the stage herself.

Dare Me is an erotic new adult story with blunt language. Contains graphic material some readers may find offensive. Ages 17+

6,600 words, 26 pages.


He grinned and met my eyes, then leaned in and said “I’d like to see you do this.”

A thrill went through me. I could never…could I?

Luscious Charlotte Malone began carefully unhooking her corset, inch by slow inch. Finally, it was fully undone and she held it closed for a moment, looking over her shoulder at the audience like a minx. To shouts and applause, she turned around to reveal her beautiful breasts, her nipples the only thing hidden by tiny pasties complete with tassels. I smiled as she twirled them like a pro, reveling in her body and in the adoration of the crowd. Now almost totally naked, she danced saucily for us, using a feather boa as a partner. She ran it over her body, then set it on stage and straddled it with an impressive set of the splits.

The lights went out to thunderous applause.

I clapped along with everyone else, impressed with Luscious Charlotte Malone, and with everything I’d seen. I really did wish I was part of this enticing, intoxicating world instead of the sterile professional one. I had a lot on my mind as we finished our drinks and made our way outside to find a cab.

“That was fun, Sam, thank you for taking me,” I said as we walked arm in arm a couple blocks to a main street to find a ride. “Luscious Malone was…memorable.”

He laughed. “I’m glad you liked it. And yes, she was. But you have a hotter body.”

“I do not,” I blushed.

“You do. She just knows a few tricks.”

“I’d like to learn them,” I admitted.

“You’re turning me on again. I meant it, you know,” Sam said slyly. “I’d love to see you dance like that. I know that inside Lily Carson there’s a very spicy girl. I’ve seen her.”

“Don’t make me blush, Sam.” Too late.

“In fact, I just thought of a new game for us to play.” He smiled like a Cheshire cat and stopped walking. I stopped, too, curious and afraid of what he was going to say next.

“I dare you.”

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