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All five stared with an intensity reserved for seduction. She was topless in a motel room with five sexy studs, getting warmer and wetter by the minute. Isn't this what I wanted? I asked them here.
Hogan hitched his chin toward her loins. "Your skirt," he said with a wicked grin. "We don't want you to catch cold."
"Yeah, you better get that off," Zach seconded."
"In a minute." Leaning over she reached in the nightstand and retrieved a joint and lighter. Petey ran a hand lightly over her shoulder until she straightened. Their gazes all locked on her lips as she wet the joint, slipping it in and out of her mouth.
She held it up and asked, "You guys interested?"
Zach answered with a question, "Smoking or something else?"
A flush zipped through her. She tried to cover it with a smile. "Smoking. Are you interested?"
Hogan answered for all of them, "effing ay!"
"Gather around then, my arms aren't that long." Five seconds and she was surrounded by bulging crotches, and even though she was topless at two in the morning and she started to get warm between her legs.
She lit the joint, inhaled deeply and passed it on to Rossi, who did the same and passed it to Al and so forth. "You boys must be warm. Why don't you get comfortable and take your shirts off?"
After they followed her suggestion, she appraised their lean, wiry muscularity with a smile. A fair amount of hair swirled across Hogan and Zach's chests. She wanted to see more of the band members. Specifically, the objects that created the large bulges in their Levis.
As the joint, now a roach, made the second round, the mood lightened.
Petey leaned back, "Man, this is some bad s**t."
"Jesus Hogie, are you going to exhale?" Rossi demanded.
Hogan started to snicker and when he couldn't hold it, blew it all out.
"Thanks a lot, @sshole."
Carol patted Hogan on the shoulder. "That's okay baby, I have more."
"I just hate to waste a good hit."
Al handed the roach across Carol's waist to Hogan. "Rossi was right. You were turning blue. Here, take it easy."
The band's seduction or was it hers, started innocently enough when Petey, now prone, massaged her feet and toes. She sighed. "Mmm. Thanks Petey that feels wonderful."
"I like rubbing them. You have pretty feet."
Some snorted and some chuckled, but everybody wound up laughing.
Hogan patted him on the head. "And wheels and @ss, and jugs and face. I'll let you fill in the rest. You better look a little higher my friend." Hogan reached over and ....

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