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Taking up the torch to explore our hidden thoughts, I endeavored to seek out regular women, like you - but not necessarily like me (I have HSDD - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - which prevents me from thinking normal sexy thoughts and experiencing regular naughty desires, that for others would drive one to rip off clothes and do the nasty. Me? I may rip off my clothes, but it's to reduce the effects of premature menopause with yet another hot flash).

Brave women, willing to share with me a sexy little thought, a tantalizing figment of fantasy, a lingering, unfinished dream hanging on the verge of consciousness - all screaming to be completed and fully experienced. Which is where I come in, to help flesh out these filaments, tease out the somehow forgotten tingles and tantalizing details - or just blurt the holy-you've-got-to-be-kidding truth out into the light of day. To help us all see that it's not only okay to have these thoughts, experiences, and fantasies - but completely normal. (Even for HSDD me!)

I gang up with a group of these fearless females to bring you tales of debauchery, indecency, and incendiary details never originally intended to be spoken aloud, let alone shared - in an empowering trip to not just admit to enjoying a little fantasy fun, but relish it, embellish it, and stand back, holy cow - we need to tone that down, because nobody will believe it - truths.

In what I hope will be the first of other such collections, our tales, trials, and tribulations are being called...

Dare to Bare: Real Women, Real Dreams... Surreal Fantasy, a Short Story Collection by Women Like You
:Table of Contents:
How Does Dare to Bare Work
Comfort Zone
Creative Writing
Fire and Brimstone
Video Vixen
Corporate Lass
Cot Coyness Cutie
Handyman Tool for Hire
Boudoir Beauty
Gymnastic Nasty
Mother Knows Best
Serpent Serendipity
-Snakes on the Brain
Truth & Consequences
Contributor Information
Truth & Consequences
About the Author and Overlord

So awaken your inner vixen and come along with us to explore these confessions and Dare to Bare with us in exposing feminine fantasy.

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Rose Maru

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