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It’s all gone to s**t.

I hate where I am but I’m so lost with absolutely no idea where to go from here. I f*cked it all up royally.

You would think I had learned from my past, but no, my past slams back to haunt me at every turn and I’ve failed again.

I tried, I really did but I know I f*cked up because of my stupid wild side, craving sinful pleasures that I should never have started.

But out of all the things that have gone wrong, there is one thing I can put right.

And I’m going to.

It’s time to be the man I should have been from the beginning. I don’t want to live with these secrets hanging over me, but just how much do I reveal to keep the woman I love?

Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty and my secrets definitely aren't.


I knew it was too good to be true.

He was a player, a man-whore through and through and leopards don’t change their spots, do they?

What is he trying to hide? His evasive behaviour is a dead giveaway that he’s not telling me the truth.

Then, just when I think I know what I’m going to do, I get the shock of my life when I see Connor out with a person I never even knew existed.

Was our whole relationship built on secrets? After what I stumbled across and then what I saw, I wonder how much Connor has been keeping from me.

Left with no choice, I have to confront him. I need answers and I deserve answers and I will not leave until I have them this time.

The question is, does he love me enough to reveal the truth?

More importantly, will I survive it if he does?

** This book is the conclusion to Connor and Karina's story. **

8 november
Phoebe Parkes

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