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From digital bestseller Darren O’Sullivan comes a gripping thriller with a killer twist!

Neve thought she’d escaped her past.

Growing up in a small mining community where everyone knew each other’s business was hard enough, but at least she had a close group she could confide in. That is, until her best friend Chloe went missing.

Twenty years later, Neve receives an unexpected message from her estranged group – Jamie, her first boyfriend, has gone missing and the circumstances sound remarkably similar to those surrounding Chloe’s disappearance.

Forced to return to the village she thought she’d escaped forever, Neve offers to lend a hand in the search. But she has secrets like everyone else; secrets that threaten to overwhelm and perhaps even destroy her. Neve might have changed, but the village hasn’t. And now she’s coming back home to face the truth . . .

Praise for Darren O’Sullivan:

‘An immensely talented new author’ John Marrs, author of The One

‘Engrossing, compelling and twisty from the first page to the shocking ending. This book grabbed me and didn't let go’ Michele Campbell, author of It’s Always the Husband

'Unique and utterly compelling. This twisty psychological thriller will chill you to the bones' Gemma Metcalfe, author of Trust Me

‘A stellar and original concept, brilliantly executed. The final chapters had my heart in my throat! O’Sullivan is certainly one to watch’ Phoebe Morgan, author of The Doll House

About the author

Darren O'Sullivan was born in Slough in 1982 but moved to Peterborough when he was 17 to train in performing arts. He has been working creatively ever since, first as an actor for the stage, then director. 5 years ago he felt inspired to write theatre and from that came the idea to develop a novel.

Following being accepted in the Faber and Faber novel writing programme in 2015 he fine tuned his hand and during that 6 month training programme his debut novel Our Little Secret was born.

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