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The 2nd in the Mike Angel Mystery series of complex, historical, erotic novels is a thriller full of interesting characters and plenty of serious conflicts. Set in Chicago and New Orleans in 1961. 32 yr old Mike is determined to get answers and stop for no one, especially after the woman he loves gets involved in the plot. The reader will like Mike’s tough, fearless attitude, as well as his humor and sarcasm that add a spark of great amusement through the story.
Mike’s older sidekick Rick Anthony adds a lot to help decipher small clues and gather information that Mike would not have access to himself. All this helps to bring the story together in a fascinating way.
Right away Mike and Rick are thrown into a serious conflict with the burning building and the girl hanging from a rope. This sets Mike on the track to find the answers and resolving the problems. With each step of the way, things keep getting worse. This makes for a compelling plotline. Ultimately, Molly is thrown into the fray and things get pretty rough, but Mike manages to get past all the obstacles, save his woman, and point his finger at the ringleader in the last scene. The reader can’t help but be satisfied.
The characters are strong with personality traits, motivations, and appropriate backgrounds for the roles they play. There is a lot of good dialogue, often confrontational in nature.

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14 januari
David H Fears

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